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Centrifugal Compressor (Operation and Maintenance)


Course Description:
Centrifugal compressors play a very essential role in many petrochemical and industrial plants.    Centrifugal compressors runs at very high speeds, exposed to high temperature due to gas (air) compression. Their operation is confined between the Surge and Stonewall limits. The compressor performance also is affected by the variation in operating conditions. These make it very important to learn and understand the centrifugal compressor more deeply for smooth and free trouble operation.


To give illustration and knowledge about air compressor, its working principle, construction, installation, operation and treatment in order to reach optimize and efficient compression process. By joining this course, the participant would be able to analyze determination of interference source, so they can think systematically to analyze failures in the compressor.


Who should attend?

Process and Mechanical technicians & engineers who are involved with troubleshooting, selection, operation, and maintenance Centrifugal Compressor.


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